“If you have a completely positive attitude about yourself and touch the pure nature of your fundamental reality, your negative projections disappear, and the world improves. Your environment becomes positive, more beautiful, and attractive. So instead of projecting a dangerous world beset by pollution, radiation, and poisoned resources, you project an incredibly beautiful landscape of trees and water and gentle human beings all helping one another, which gives you great pleasure. If you can interpret the world in that way, it will really become a pure land for you.”

Lama Yeshe, Becoming Vajrasattva: the Tantric Path of Purification

“We are all a family, and we are brothers and sisters. Never forget this. Starting with yourself. You are your own best friend. You have to live with yourself all your life so better make the best of it. Don’t be hard on yourself. Be easy-going. Love yourself. Take care of yourself. Enjoy your own company without depending on external agents like intoxicants, which is just putting more samsara on the samsara we already have. Be present and don’t be unsatisfied, because the main cause of unsatisfaction means you are not living the moment. So live the moment. This moment. It is always the same moment. Okay?”

Tenzin Ösel Hita

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A Christmas message from the Global Tree Initiative founder, Tenzin Ösel

Dear Universal Family, Hello everyone!  As you know, December 25 is celebrated as Christmas. It is an honor to be able to send a Christmas greeting...


It is very hard to understand the concept of a buddha. Instead, I try to talk about the best version of a human being. For me, this is His Holiness...


Let’s talk about buddha-nature. That is a great topic. We often hear about the buddha-nature in Dharma talks. There are two types of buddha-nature....
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As an infant, Spanish-born Tenzin Ösel (1985) was recognized by the Dalai Lama as the reincarnation of the Tibetan master, Lama Yeshe.

Since leaving monastic life at 18 Ösel has been traveling the world, fulfilling his yearning to transmit ancient wisdom in a 21st-century style, through music, art, film, and communication – so that we can heal the planet and help each other.

“We are bombarded by distractions, and it’s part of the design of the system – we always need to be doing something so that we don’t understand who we are, the mechanics, the science of our mind.”

“If you’re humble, you wouldn’t let the negative destructive emotions come in. For example, if you’re humble, you would never get angry.”

“We can learn about ourselves by observing the outside world, and every moment is an opportunity to learn.”

“How we learn to love ourselves is by appreciating who we are, by understanding our potential, what we can do, the power of who we are, how far we can go.”

“If we had compassion for ourselves, we would have compassion for everybody else.”

“Everything around us has been started and created by the mind. It all started as a thought. That’s how powerful thoughts are. So, that’s why to be aware of our thoughts, to be in control of our thoughts, is so important.”

“I don’t want to create followers, I want to create leaders.”

“You possess the path within yourself.”

“Your well-being will be linked to the universe, linked to karma and linked to human mind.”

“The more you think about yourself, the more you are going to suffer. If you think about the person next to you more than yourself, all you have is happiness.”

“With each step, each thought, we are creating a whole new universe. Look into someone’s eyes and behold the window to their soul, the galaxy, the universe. That is us, that is you, that is me.”

“Every moment is magic, and we are all living the same moment! We are all connected. Thank you for being who YOU are! One Love.”

One Big Love • Warriors of Clear Light 

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