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According to the latest research, we are about 43% human.  What that means is that human cells make up only 43% of the body’s total cell count. The rest are microscopic colonists including bacteria.  That is what I saw on the BBC News.

We acquire these bacteria during birth and the first years of life. They live with us throughout our lives.

Even the food we eat is for the bacteria.  They metabolize it for us.  This process provides us with energy. Bacteria also produce vitamins plus they help protect the body from diseases.

The interdependence in our body is something that we cannot see. We must trust the scientists.

Our interdependence with the outer nature is something everyone can see.  We have created our civilization from nature.  Our food, building materials, energy sources, our clothing, and linens, is all dependent on nature. Nothing exists in isolation.

So, why do we think we are so independent?

We are completely interdependent.  We absolutely depend on so many sentient beings in and out of our bodies.

Therefore, we might as well, also, offer our service to them since they are in service to us.  We should be reciprocal because it is the law of the universe.  The same way we receive, we, also, should give.

What we can give is to, at least, be part of the community on earth.  Planting trees is just one small step. On the other hand, changing our lifestyle is a huge, difficult step. That is because we are in our comfort zone.  We do not want to change what is comfortable even if it is bad for us.  What we fail to understand is that all the magic happens outside of our comfort zone.

At least a small step can be done.

So, let us start with planting a few trees every one of us.

Join our event at February 20th:

REFRESH 2021: A Talk on the Global Tree Initiative


  1. Mario Rosario Rizzi

    All this is incredible magic true…
    Thank you to remember us…
    Let start now to plant trees, aromatic plants and flowers all around.
    One Big Love

  2. Andy Wistreich

    Planting trees alone won’t get us out of the global climate and ecological crisis. As you say, changing our lifestyle is essential. Moreover, while it’s good for individuals to change their lifestyles, most people are unlikely to do so voluntarily, for very many reasons. Therefore either those in power – politicians, business leaders etc – bring in changes through legislation etc, or the whole house of cards collapses and change comes via chaos. Therefore it would be good if we can support movements to encourage binding legislation, economic transformations etc that will enable the earth to be protected from our collecctive selfish greed which is the basis of our current lifestyle. Such engaged support is a vital form of compassionate action.

  3. Rosalyn Williams

    I don’t know what to say Andy.
    Do we really know how successful social movements start ? Doesn’t the energy in our mind/ brain and body change when we practise even small virtue ie thinking of others?
    Can you see others potential just by seeing their life styles.? Don’t they say one small step is all you need ?
    I sent 20 emails forwarding HHDL and Greta’s latest discussion, Also the four short coloured films on the climate emergency feedback loops and also Osel’s Global Tree Initiative.
    I got one reply from someone with a young family no money to talk of bought two pear trees to replace the ones cut down by HS2 project and also contributes to the Sussex wild life trust so couldn’t join Osel’s project.
    Do we have to focus on the impossibility of changing the end result and focus instead on inspirational action?

  4. Margaret Bachtler

    Our planet is a macrocosm. We observe the parts that are connected to the whole and can see the interdependence involved to sustain life. What is interesting to me is the belief that the earth would do just fine without human habitation. I believe our planet would be more prosperous without our current modus operandi. We think we are so important. Look at what we have caused: Air and water pollution, kicking animals out of their occupied territory while claiming it as our own, factory farming with its cruel abuses of sentient beings and its contribution to pollution, the rapid loss of entire species, the pilfering of the Amazon, etc. At this time we are approaching a climate crisis and many are choosing to ignore the consensus of reputable scientists. His holiness sees the plight and urges the world to take immediate steps to counter the forthcoming destruction. Yes, this macrocosm is in big trouble. The parts are no longer working together as nature intended. Our self cherishing is ostensibly so destructive not only to this earth but it short circuits our attaining what we want the most, happiness and bliss to all.
    Osel, thank you for your reminder that to give is to receive and that planting some trees is a small step is the right direction. We can do this!

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