Article: Man’s Work

May 9, 2020

Man’s Work – Part I

Reproduced with permission from Telegraph Magazine, London – 27 April 1996

by Mick Brown, photographs by Peter Bialobrzeski

From the age of 19 months, when he was identified as the reincarnation of a Tibetan lama, Osel Hita Tores has lived like no other child. Transported from a Spanish village to a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in India, he is now, at age 11, the subject of what is described as ‘potentially the most exciting experiment in education, done anywhere, at any time.’….”

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  1. claudio cipullo

    Sorry Lama Osel, I am just an old Italian, when I think of the kindness of my Lama, first I feel squized in the heart and then cry and cry no stop, my mind is too small to feel Him.
    Have a beautiful New Year 2021, big kiss to all your family Maria paco, Yeshe, Armonia, drolma, kunkyen so on.
    Thanks to be with us.
    Your servant claudio cipullo.

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