be the change that you want to see

by | Mar 29, 2020 | Clear Light

So, there is a phrase, be the change that you want to see in the world. That is a very accurate phrase. It is not about worrying about or criticizing or getting aggressive or resentful or negative or stressed about what is happening with people out there. If we do that, we are just participating in their same low frequency vibration. Instead, we just must transform the situation but, rather than transformation, what we do is over value negativity. We focus on some bad aspects. In life, sometimes things happen to you because they must happen. We may see them as something bad at the beginning but, afterwards, maybe it is exactly what we needed in order to make that change, in order to get out of the comfort zone. I am not saying it is OK to be a bad person. I am not saying that, at all. I am trying to give you a tool to adapt positively to any situation. So, that means you can see the positive in everything because everything that happens has a positive.

So, basically, the work is within us. The work is not outside, with people and all that. Of course, there is work out there, but you must start with yourself. If you do not start with yourself but, instead, you start working outside, then, it is going to be a disaster. You cannot love someone if you cannot love yourself. You cannot feel not lonely, if you are lonely with yourself. You cannot feel not lonely with somebody unless you feel not lonely with yourself.  Once this is in you, once you understand this, it will reflect into the reality that is around you. This is a little bit of my perspective on this.

It is very difficult.  People say we are destroying the world, poor planet, dah, dah, dah, dah. I do not believe the planet is at risk, at all. I feel humanity is at risk. The planet has been here for millions of years. Planet Earth, Mother Earth, Pachamama, she will sneeze, get a fever and that is it.  She will wipe out humanity, but she will continue- no problem. It is us we must be worried about, the next generations to come.

Of course, we must worry about the planet.  We must respect it.  We must adapt. We must be like the animals, the native creatures of the planet, the animals. They are the ones who are part of the whole fauna. They take care of each other.  There is a whole kind of functionality with every single aspect of life within earth. 

Normally, we are on Mother Earth like a parasite.  Instead of adapting to the circumstance, we want the circumstance to adapt to us.   We want to change everything for our comfort. It is a little bit like the king with the shoes.  It is the same story. We want to put leather everywhere. That is exactly what is happening. We do not want to adapt. Not only do we not want to adapt but we want to overvalue negativity so much more. There are so many more good things happening than bad things. Even the bad things can be good things, too.  It is just a question of changing our perception. We create the reality.  We put our grain of sand for that change to happen. You cannot expect there to be change, if you are not changing yourself. You cannot change anybody. You can give yourself space and time for that change to happen within yourself. Then, by doing that, you create the example. You create the circumstances for others to, also. learn from that aspect, from that example. OK?


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