We have discussed this on earlier occasions.  Even if I am wrong, I still say ‘Sorry.’ Why that is good is because it creates space for the other person to, also, try to communicate like that. It creates the space for the other person to forgive. Even if the other person did something unforgivable, when you do the forgiving, you take away that space from ourselves. You take away that weight.

Also, it lets the other person forgive themselves, too. Otherwise, maybe they will feel guilt the rest of their life. Maybe, just because you do not forgive them, they cannot forgive themselves, either.   Maybe they will have to carry with them all that time that guilt suffering.

So, in this way, these are the aspects about which I am talking. Look at yourself. Stop carrying weights that do not belong to you. If it is somebody else’s problem, why carry it? Why do you need somebody else’s mistakes? Why do you need another person’s problems? Why do you make them your own?

Do not take things so seriously. That is what I have learned. I have learned to become water. That way, I am much happier.

That is what Bruce Lee says. “Be water, my friend. You put water in the cup, it becomes the cup.”

It is true. Water keeps its purity all the time. However much it is polluted, however dirty it becomes, it can always come back to its true nature. Also, water is always giving. It does not expect anything in exchange. It is not like, “Oh, I am giving you life. I want something in return. If you do not give me something back, I am going to be really angry with you.”  Water does not work that way.

How does water act? Water adapts to any situation. Then, it is always giving. Giving. Giving. It is always giving without expecting anything.

Okay. So, I think we are good for now.  We can wrap it up for this time. Remember, “Be water, my friend.”


Be your own true nature. 

Give without expectation.


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