You talk about true values being materialistic values. Why? You know that is just a concept towards which we grasp.

There are different types of grasping.

There is an attachment that includes a formless attachment. 

There is attachment to emotions. 

There is attachment to states of mind…. You know, this attachment. It is like adrenaline.  Sometimes we get attached to the way drugs make you feel. Or, it is even like having a partner. When that partner is present, there is a feeling that you get. You know what I mean.  When you are in the presence of your partner, how do you feel?  You know that feeling that your partner makes in you? We get attached to that. We call it, “Love.”

“Oh, I love you.”

Oh, no! You are in love with the feeling that they make you feel. What you are in love with is that. That is not love. It is attachment. That is why we end up suffering.

”Oooohhh, love is so bad.  It makes me suffer so much.”

No, it does not! It is the attachment that makes you suffer. Love does not have that quality. 

Love is unconditional. It is universal. It is everywhere.  Love is your body constantly working for you.  Love is the life that was created.

You know, it is complex to pinpoint what love is. We can have an idea of what love is.

For me, love is everywhere.  Love is everything. 

Evolution is love, you know.  Karma can be love, in a way.

I do not know. I do not want to create confusion because I am confused about this myself, too, you know.

It is difficult to put love in a box. We love to put things into boxes.  That way we feel secure.  We feel in control.

The thing is, if we cannot even control what is in our body, why are we so obsessed about controlling life?

You know. Just flow with the river.  Do not grab onto a branch.  Or, do not grab onto a rock.  Do not stay in one place.  Life is changing.  It is a movement.

That is what time is. Time is just a way to measure the change.  It is just a way to measure that vibration. That is it.

Yet, somehow, even though our whole life is about change, we fear it.  Our whole life is about transformation but it scares us.

The best thing is to go with the flow.  The best thing is to adapt to what is happening no matter what the circumstances are.

The best thing is to make the most of your journey. In the end, that is what Dharma in the 21 century is teaching us.


    • Michel Sherab

      Thank you Osel to give us a taste of what true love is and a feeling of the constant flow of life, letting go without grasping. That freedom must be blissful!

  1. Andy Wistreich

    “Our whole life is about transformation but it scares us.” Yes, the purpose of everything is transformation. Evolution as Darwin presented it, is about transformation. The universe as Buddha presented it, especially in Kalacakra, is about transformation. Even covid19 and the climate crisis are about transformation. So, why are we so afraid? It’s simply nature at work, transformation, but why are we afraid? I am also confused. I don’t know why we are afraid of what is natural. Must be something wrong with us somewhere inside. Can anyone reading this, please explain?

  2. Geoff Jukes

    Thank you dear brother Osel.
    Such a joy to hear from you in these interesting times.

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