The Dharma — Buddhism, philosophy, the teachings of the Buddha — really helped when I was studying in the monastery. And it’s been helping me all my life. I sincerely do not know how I would’ve ended up if I had not had it, especially after I left the monastery.

Because when I left, I dived head-first into samsara, you know? Without that information I probably would’ve been completely sucked into samsara.

In fact, I have been sucked in! But at least I have some perspective. I can poke my nose out and breathe a little bit, then dive back in again.

Sometimes I am, like, “I like samsara! Why am I trying to get out of it?” No! I am joking. I do not think like that. . . although I do have the thought sometimes.

The reality of samsara is that we’re suffering. And we must work on ourselves to help others.

Many people suffer much more than us. Even then, even though they are suffering, they give the best of themselves to others. They only give the best of themselves.

So, you see, they are an amazing inspiration even without the Dharma psychology to help them evolve.  Imagine how they would be if they knew the Dharma. 

That is why we, you, and me, we must be living examples so we can inspire them, too.  We do not need to talk.  Actions speak louder than words. We must be a living example of the true teachings that transcend culture and language.  This way, we make our life worthwhile.


  1. Andy Wistreich

    ‘We do not need to talk.’ Sometimes we don’t even need to do anything. Sometimes just being there is very powerful. The important thing is to be grounded in the reality of the situation.

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