People before used to be wiser. People used to really know about the earth.  They knew about what they grew.  They knew about what they ate.  They knew about the stars.  They knew about who we are. We are losing that a little bit.

That is one of the reasons I want to create ecovillages, so people can learn. People can learn about Tibetan medicine. People can learn about Ayurvedic medicine.  They can learn about the times during the day based on the sun cycle and the moon cycle and all these things.  They can learn about different handicrafts.  They can learn about meditation. There can be different workshops including dance workshops where people can learn.  There can be permaculture schools and nutrition schools and courses of Habit Alignment and everything else you can think of.   That is how these fields can come together and integrate.

That does not mean we want to lose tradition. Tradition is the trunk, the base, the roots.  Tradition is so it does not get lost.  Tradition is so it does not become a fluffy, cheesy, new age concept. It must stay according to the teachings of the Buddha but, then, of course, the branches are there. You can branch out. I think that is super important. Especially, today, in the 21-century.

Faith used to be a really important factor. Before, in the old system, in many ways, faith was a key ingredient, and it worked! People had faith. Faith is one of the mechanisms that works within us. It is a unique mechanism that people have discovered and put into practice. That process of developing faith is offered so we can get to understandings and realizations.

However, today, in the 21-century, these things like faith, we can add it, also, but it is not so easy, anymore. In the 21-century, we people believe only 50% of what we see. We do not believe anything we do not see. We are plagued by misinformation which makes us even more unsure about what the truth is.  If we do not understand that, then, it is difficult to really reach everybody.

We see people are suffering. A lot of people do not even know what suffering is or that they are suffering, so how are we able to effectively help them to have a truly fulfilling life? I think that one of our human purposes is to have a fulfilling life. The way to have a fulfilling life is to really help others starting with oneself.  Have a warm heart and dedicate your time to improve as a human so we can really be of use.

I do not think we are natives on earth. At least, if we are natives, we are not acting like natives.  If you take the animals, they adapt to earth. We are the only ones who do not adapt. We want everything else to adapt to us.

Why is it that everything must be adapted to us? Why are we so inflexible as a race? I really do not understand it. If you study history, you will see. We started adapting well but, then, something happened. I do not know. Maybe we are too intelligent. Or maybe too dumb. I do not know.

Sometimes, I think animals are super intelligent because they do not really need anything. They adapt so well. That is intelligence in a way.

It is not about making planes. It is not about making big skyscrapers, and, then, tearing them down.  You know, it is not about that. It is about how you live. It is about how your attitude is towards life. It is about how your attitude is when you relate to people. It is about how your attitude is when you relate to yourself. Once you have that perspective, that is how to live. I think there is a place for ecovillages in this 21-century world.


  1. Baptiste DELMAS

    Thanks a lot Osel Hita 🙂
    I wait with great motivation the establishment of ecovillages.
    If I can help in any way, I’m disponible.
    Perharps we can begin with the FPMT centers, not ?
    Respectfully, Baptist

    • Baptiste DELMAS

      Again me, very sorry ^^
      I wanted to add some things …
      I really don’t know if FPMT centers have to become ecovillages. In a way they are, in another way : not enough…
      I want to share my experience : I created in my freetime two little and “good” vegetable gardens both at Vajra Yogini Instiute and at Nalanda Monastry. Both of them are now totally destroyed :'( They were like my babes. It breaked my heart deeply… So in my subjective reality : I have no more hope to transform the society… Surely my motivation was too mondain… 🙁
      All the best ! 🙂

  2. Di Carroll

    Yes, eco-villages!…love this…especially the part about workshops in Tibetan medicine, handicrafts, natural ways of time, meditation, with the basis in tradition…how we can learn, RELEARN, how to integrate and do and be these things together. The inner wisdom and compassion harmonising with the outer activities and community and environment.
    Let’s do it!
    Thank you! 🙏🌈🍀🌱💜💫🤸✨

    • Baptiste DELMAS

      Dear Di Carroll,
      We know each other virtually. ^^ 🙂
      I’m very happy about this creation of connexion.
      What you wrote is vrey wise, true and clear for me even if I’m a stupid french… lol
      Thanks to exist and to enjoy it in the “good” way !

  3. Hans Timpner

    what a great idea, just in time to start a great new project based on all the right principles of living. lets get together and do this. together with Global Tree Initiative this will bring a new aspect to living. thank you Osel

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