So, I have been thinking that it is important we apply compassion and a deeper understanding of looking at things towards our government officials, perhaps even our presidents, prime ministers, kings, etcetera.  If we do this, we can learn how to see the positive side even in our political leaders who are often subject to controversy. 

I see a lot of positive things in these otherwise negative situations. For example, I think the fact that Trump bent so many rules when he was president… shows us that maybe there must be some changes done to democracy, or maybe democracy is not completely a democracy. Do you understand?  So, that could be a positive thing. It has made people more aware that they need to step up and say, “Enough is enough.”

So, for me, from my perspective, I think it could be, perhaps, the beginning of the end of a fake democracy or, at least, an improvement from what it was. It could be. I hope it is. We need a less hypocritical democracy and a more authentic one.

In general, a true leader must respect all sentient beings not just from a capitalistic point of view. He must have empathy and the best interest of the people. That is a true leader.  

The government’s duty and responsibility are to protect and serve and invest in the improvement and happiness of its citizens; in their ideal wellbeing, not just materialistic accumulation and exploiting people who are working many hours for low pay from which they cannot even maintain themselves and many people in the world struggle on a day-to-day basis.  

A true leader is a servant to the people. A true leader is somebody who sacrifices themselves for the greater good. That is a true leader.  

There is a lot to learn from everybody.  Even bad people with selfish intentions have good things from which you can learn.  It does not mean you should idealize them or look up to them.  

I am just saying that, in life, you can learn from anything.  You can learn who you do not want to be.  You can learn who you want to be, how you want to be, what you do not want to do…. all those aspects….

The point is, you can learn from everyone and everything. Why not? You just must work with your own judgments toward Trump or dislikeable people and turn it into compassion. 

Normally, people who use the phrase, “Me,” “Myself,” and, “I,” are people who suffer a lot.  We know as a fact that self-centered people suffer a lot. 

When you have empathy, then, you are aware of many other aspects… of people.  

For example,… if you express hate, use harsh words, vent your anger, or do other things like this, you are the one who is channeling that negativity. 

If you do not like someone and you are starting to project negativity on someone, you are the one who is channeling it, not the other person. The other person does not care. Well, that is unless they do care about what you think.  The fact is that most people just care about what they think. 

Do you see what I mean?  So, why would you want to channel that kind of vibration? For what? What purpose? You do not gain anything. 

If you want to channel something, channel compassion, understanding, empathy, hope, like that. I mean, everybody is suffering. Everybody has their issues. Everybody is going to have to deal with their own karma.  

It is not completely up to us even though we can be of huge benefit if we start with ourselves… We must deal with ourselves. 

That is one of the things.  It is quite easy to focus on and judge others. When we focus on and judge others, it means that we do not have to focus on and judge ourselves. 

We are the only people that we can judge.  Even then, it is difficult to judge ourselves because we do not know ourselves. 

In the long run, it is hard to know how we will react in the future Then, I react in a certain way. At that point, I am like, ‘Oh, wow. Ok. Why am I reacting? How am I reacting’? 

Then, I start to investigate. Until that point, I do not know how I am going to react to certain things that could happen in my life until they do happen.  So, you see, even in those regards, I do not know myself.  

So… we must take it easier. We need to focus on real values; on what is going to help us; on what is going to make a good difference in our life.

Then, everything else, just let it go.   It is not important. 

I hope you see what I mean. We are just stardust… We are temporarily composed stardust.  So, it is not that important, anyway. 

What is important is to be focused, to be aware, to challenge and confront yourself, to observe the mechanisms, and to have the correct motivation and intention.  Do you see?  That will lead you to true happiness and improvement in your life and the people surrounding you in everyday life.  

Thank you so much! Big love!


  1. Rosalyn Williams

    Instead of focusing on Trump I would like to focus on our PM Boris.
    It’s very difficult knowing his privileged education Eton and Oxford and knowing he never studied much and the mistakes during lockdown I couldn’t find any compassion any feeling like that towards him .
    It was only when I thought of the mistakes I made and I used to not think badly of myself because I thought I was the one in the relationship who got the short straw. But I forgave myself but I am saying I couldn’t forgive Boris .
    And yet so many factors come into play when you don’t have the wisdom to see what needs to be done and not even seeing it but also following one or more of the eight worldly Dharma’s which I did sometimes together with ignorance causes a veil completely obscures the problem it’s not seen and self interest takes over.
    Luckily each of the children have accepted my faults and are there for me.
    And after thinking like that can I have some compassion for him all his mistakes cost lives and he didn’t see the reality and he also has to live with his mistakes whether it is reviewed or not .
    So thank you a little compassion emerges.

    • John Wyndham

      Hi Rosalyn,

      I have just read your blog. What I have found helpful is comment I read by HHDL, which effectively advises that we don’t criticise the individual but have respect for them as human being, but rather criticise their action if the motivation is clearly self serving and negative.

      It is difficult to look at our world leaders with compassion with wars corruption lies etc etc going on. But I think it is a worthy exercise to see peoples positive potential after all everyone has the possibility to change course through their life and I suspect also at the moment of death.

      I have often wonder about such people as Adolf Hitler, at the moment of death did he suddenly realise what he had done, did he feel great remorse, we will never know.

      Much love John and Sue Wyndham

  2. Ingrid Coenen

    The negative vibbration that I channel when I am angry, resonates. I Will be aware of it next time I am driving my car. My ego is very strong and shouts at slow drivers.
    Thubten Dolma

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