Me too! If you are lazy, we are in the same boat. 

So, I am going to talk about myself, now. The body is not lazy. The mind is lazy. Just like with patience, you must be patient with yourself. It is not like you lost patience with that person.  It does not work like that.  You lost patience with yourself.

So, in the same way, you are lazy. It is not like it is difficult. 

Oh, it is your mind!

Some people have the most difficult circumstances, but they excel. Wow!

Some people have the best conditions, yet, they are just a total disaster.

It is about the mind.  How we think.  What we want.

I have some good news for you.  Fifty percent is recognizing it.  So, most of the time, people do not see that aspect, be it with addiction or with their attitude.  They do not see they have a problem and they do not see that there is a connection between their state of mind and the way they relate.   The state of mind and the way they relate to people, many people do not see the connection, at all.

The fact is that, when you see you have a problem and you see the mind connection to the problem, you are already fifty percent there with the solution. That is good, right?

Already the fact that you have that thought means you are already creating the conditions to move in that direction.  That is a big part of it.

The body is very amazing. You put your mind to it.  Your body will adapt.  Your body will allow it to happen.  It will create the condition for you to go in that direction.

So, discipline…. It comes slowly.  You cannot just suddenly jump from one day to another.

Start making small efforts, baby steps. You cannot expect to be jumping on the moon, like tomorrow. (If humanity ever got to the moon, I do not know. That is a question for another day.) If you want to be jumping on the moon, you must start studying engineering, for example, to become an astronaut, right? I mean they are not going to send you to the moon just like that. So, it is a process. 

So, where do you start? You start like that. Fifty percent is by recognizing you have a problem.  Recognizing you have an issue. Recognizing you want to change that.  Then, you are creating the direction. That is already good.  It is a big step. I think, if you do that, you are doing good. You are doing a good job. Congratulations!  

The rest is up to you in the sense that we must save ourselves from ourselves. That is basically what Dharma is telling us.  I think all religions are going to be saying that. Any spiritual concept or philosophy is going to say that. “We can be our best friend or our worst enemy.’’  Basically, we must save ourselves from ourselves because of that.   Because we are undisciplined.  We are lazy. Because we procrastinate.  We relax.

Procrastinating can be good.  It is good sometimes. We need it but not all the time. It is like food. You can enjoy something but, if you eat too much, you do not enjoy it. There is a phrase. It says less is more and more is less. That is the balance.  That is the middle way.

So good luck with your discipline. I need luck, too. I need help. It is not easy, so I understand exactly what is happening with you. If you take baby steps—slowly, slowly, slowly. Do not push yourself too hard. Do not feel too guilty, either, because that is bad. That is bringing you down, right?

Instead, going slowly, slowly.  Then, at one point, you can look back, and wow! Look where I have gotten to, now. So, that helps you to get good motivation, pumped up. Then, you go in the front where you want to go.

Do not despair.  There is always a long way to go.

That is why, if we understand that we are learning every day, then we are wise. We are receiving information all the time. We are interpreting the information. That is how we relate and interact with reality. If we are not learning, then, how can we know? That is why Plato said, “The wisest man is the one who knows he does not know anything.” We are constantly learning. If you are humble enough to recognize that, then, you are wise. You are ready to adapt, to absorb, to understand, to really be present.

Yeah, OK. thank you! Thank you!


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