We should do a short meditation, meditation on gratefulness, on gratefulness for our body. OK, because every day of our life, every morning we wake up, it’s like a rebirth and every night when we go to sleep, we fall asleep, it’s like a small death. So, every day is a new day, it’s a new life, but do we ever thank our heart for beating 24/7 since the morning we’re conceived? Are we aware of that?

The heart’s always there for us. It’s pumping blood all our life. And, we’re learning. Every single moment of our life since we’re born, we’re learning and the day we die, we’re still learning the process of death. We are all students. We’re students of life. We’re students of the heart, right? So, the heart represents life. It represents love. We were created with love and love is everywhere. That’s mainly the creation of existence.

Are we aware of our lungs, of our microorganisms, all the cells working continuously, available for us always? Whether we treat well our body or mistreat it, they’re always there, the body’s always there available for us, working tirelessly. So, let’s take a little bit of time, a short period of time to meditate on the gratefulness toward our body for being able to make this reality possible, this experience of life, which without the body would be very different.

Let’s start to breathe in and the inspiration—not just through the nose, not like that, but from down here, from the throat, a deeper type of breathing, deep breathing. Then, out the same way. Isn’t it relaxing? It’s very relaxing. Not from the nose just like that, not a shallow breath. Not this one, the other one, OK?

Now just take some time off. Let’s try to calm the mind a little bit, try to prolong the sensation of the calming of the mind. We take over. The mind is not already in control and we put the mind to work to think about how grateful we are for every moment of our life—every situation that has been helpful for our learning, even the bad things, the good things, the hard ones, the easy ones, every meal we’ve eaten, every breath we’ve taken. Thank the clothes we’re wearing, the warmth we have right now, the company we have, the food we have in our stomachs, and the energy that’s running through our veins, the potential of who we are and what we can do, the positiveness of our life, and the result of us being aware of all of this, the beauty of life.

Doesn’t it feel good?

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  1. Pema Sarah Cash

    This is an excellent meditation. So many people are criticising their bodies every day!
    I pay gratitude to my body for being alive and count the good things every morning – they are an achievement. 😊

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