Okay, so let’s talk about motivation. Motivation is so important because it is the key, right?

There are what are called the three doors.  They are our body, our speech, and our mind.  Are you with me?  It is through the three doors, that all actions and thoughts are expressed. Everything that is communicated via the body, speech, and mind originates with motivation.  If you want to talk about the traditional point of view, karmically speaking, you think like this.  The way karma works, the main active ingredient would be motivation.  That means that, if the motivation is correct, karma goes in that direction. That is why everything starts with motivation.

Just consider it. Even if you are not traditionally-minded if you think in a normal lifestyle way, motivation is a huge factor. For example, if your motivation is self-cherishing, if you are, “Self-motivated”, “I want to be happy,” and you take an action, the result is going to be very hard. It is not going to be something that satisfies you or makes you happy because that is not the correct motivation, right?

How are you going to be happy only just thinking about, “Me”? That kind of motivation is always going to leave you unsatisfied. That is the way the mind works, right?

Instead, if your motivation is like, “I want to be able to reach a certain level of happiness to be able to offer that to others, to share that,” automatically, that is going to bring a different result. This is not a traditional point of view. It is a very practical point of view that you can see every day. Would you agree? It makes sense, right?

So, that is, also, another reason why motivation is so important. In everyday life, you can think about one day a little bit like a lifetime. We are born in the morning, we die at night. In the morning we are fresh. In the afternoon, slowly, we get tired. Then, eventually, we have to go to sleep, right?

We are almost training for death, training to be reborn, again. It is just a metaphor but life is a cycle, right? We are going through many different cycles which at many times repeat themselves until we learn and we can adapt. Then, we move onto the next cycle.

That is why motivation in the morning when you wake up is so important. It is major to have good, correct motivation, then, so you can remember this, and you can dedicate: “Okay, today, the time I am going to spend, the space, the energy I am going to share, may it be of benefit.  May I help myself to be of benefit to others.”

Just having that motivation is going to change your day. You are going to be happier because you are dedicating your time and energy to others, yeah? That is automatic, automatic….

Of course, together with motivation, there should be gratitude. Many times, one of the reasons we are unsatisfied is because we are not present. We are not grateful enough. We want something else. This is not enough, right?

Society bombards us with the concept of consumerism.  We are always searching outside for materialism. That supposedly will make us happy. That is why it is a key point if we have good motivation and we are grateful for what we have.  This is a stepping stone towards having a more fulfilling and at least not unhappy life.

Let’s start with that. Okay? I am very traditional within, inside, so I do my motivation Tibetan style. You can do your motivation and gratitude your style but just do it, as they say.  Do not forget.  Then, we can discuss.


  1. claudio cipullo

    Principally to help others you need compassion and wisdom, but not as two different items, compassion is wisdom and wisdom is compassion.
    They say the quickest way to develop wisdom is the practice of Manjusri.
    Thanks Lama.
    Your devoted

  2. Rosalyn Williams

    Dear Osel
    So nice to read your comments on life – About having a good motivation and gratitude for all that we have.
    I am so happy I have revisited reading Lama Yeshe’s books and advice and there are no barriers coming from me now.
    Thank you

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