Ok, so everyone wants me to talk about, “One big love,” somehow. It is complex to talk about love, but we can touch around it. “Love,” is quite a simple word, yet, we cannot really cover what the meaning of love is.  However, I can introduce you to a little bit of the concept of, “One big love.”

Basically, the idea is a mixture between Lama Yeshe’s, “Big Love,” and Bob Marley’s, “One Love”.  It is a fusion.   

The idea of Bob Marley’s, “One Love,” is a universal love.  It is like one love, the same love, the same unconditional love between a mother for her children and the love between the children for their mother. It is the affection that wants the best for others without any limitations.  That kind of love. That boundless love that applies to everybody in all dimensions. It applies to the animals. It applies to humans.  It applies to all everywhere.  Whatever you want to call it, that kind of love is universal. That is one love.   People relate it to smoking marijuana or the Rastafarians or this and that, but everything has it’s aspects.

You know that kind of love. “One love”, is an unrestricted love. That is what, “One love,” means. Right?  It is the same love.  I think you understand

Then, “Big love”, of course, is lama Yeshe’s concept of maha maha love. “Big Love,” is big, universal love.  You know, huge love.

So, the mixture makes, “One big love”.

I just wanted to make a point. It is true. Bob Marley’s songs talk a lot about Buddhism, right? I mean, about Dharma. I mean, Bob Marley said,” Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds”. Those are Bob Marley’s words but what he is saying goes hand in hand with Buddhism. The Lam Rim talks about this. Buddha talked about it, also. It is a universal kind of aspect mechanism that works for everybody. Like the concept of, “One big love.”   

If you want to focus on one thing, that is what you are going to get. You see that. If you want to see the big picture, there are many other aspects. Everything has different aspects. So, the interesting aspect, the one I want to use is that one love universal concept of everybody being a family. The blood in our veins is the same color. Everybody relates to hugs. Everybody relates to a smile. In any culture there is the word, “Mama,” like, “Mother”. So, those are basic things that happen all over the world even though many times we may think there is no connection between cultures but it is universal. I guess it is something thought with the heart. I do not know.

So, what I am talking about is that one love. So, it is the same thing, but it is just 2 words put together. It is used just to bring the East and the West together.

So anyway, I just wanted to let you know about, “One Big Love” but, also, people what to know what, “Warriors of Clear Light,” means.

Okay, well, I just really like that name. I feel I am the warrior of clear light. Not because I am fighting for some light somewhere. It is the light that I have within. Wherever I go, there is darkness. I hope I can shine that light. Always.

Warrior is just a concept of struggling, never giving up, always trying to achieve your goal.  That is the sense I am talking about with the use of the warrior. My motivation is One Big Love. Right? It as a warrior of clear light that we will be able to to create that universal harmony.

Like this, the collected memory of mankind can start … living. We are not really living very well. Hopefully, through mistakes, humanity will learn.  Hopefully, through the information and all that golden age technology that is coming up, we will awaken. If not, the next generation, for sure, is going to hit us on our head extremely hard. That is what I am seeing. Yeah, they are coming strong, so, we must create the right platform, the right conditions for them to be able to thrive, for them to be able to make those changes. You see, it is not about, “Oh, we are destroying earth, now.” The earth is fine. The earth has been here for a long time.  It will be here for a long time. It is about humanity. We are wiping out life on earth. That is what we are learning.  This is what we must be worried about. We are destroying ourselves, basically. We are destroying life on earth. The way we live, our lifestyle, reflects how earth has been treated. Not just the mind. Not just how toxic our mind can become, but, also, what we eat. What we put in our lungs. How we speak. What we channel. The frequencies we channel through our body when we relate to others, or, really, to ourselves. So, it is not just, “There are all types of pollution!” There can, also, be mind pollution. Not just air pollution.  No just water pollution. So just, yeah, healthy mind, healthy body, healthy food, healthy body, healthy mind, it all goes together.

Well, take care of yourself.

Think healthy.

Be gentle with yourself.

Be easy going.

Take it easy.

Be Warriors of Clear Light.

I am talking to myself.



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