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So, your teacher is your virtuous friend  He could, also, be called your guru.

The difference between your virtuous friend and your normal friend is that the guru represents other aspects. The guru is the living embodiment of what you want to achieve.

Sometimes it is difficult to think of your friends like that because we are all striving. We are all in the same boat. At least the guru is a living example.

To express it simply, for me, a Buddha would be the perfect, the most advanced version of a human. The best version of a human being would be a Buddha. At least, this is from my perspective.  This is an easier, down to earth, kind of conventional way to see it.

So your guru, you visualize as a Buddha. You see him as the best version of a human.  That is what you are striving to reach. You are trying to attain those characteristics. He is a shining example. The guru represents the ideal. The guru is helping you to see these features in you.   Gurus are helping you achieve that potential within you.  They are assisting you to actualize that beauty.

It is like we are coal.  In coal, a potential diamond is inside there. We have to find it but the diamond is already there. We just have to recognize it. 

Also, we receive blessings and inspiration from the guru. We rely on the guru for advice and teachings. His life is a living example that teaches and guides us. He is like the light that helps us see so we can walk our path quicker and easier, to understand the true nature of the mind and who we are being on the path.

You can, also, say that for a friend, but there is a different kind of perspective. It is a little bit different but similar.

I hope this is helpful.


Thangka by Christine Schnoell


  1. claudio cipullo

    Thanks Lama, but how can I conceive someone that is inconceivable?
    Where shall I look for my Lama in an universe that is constantly changing changing changing. Champa togme Claude.

  2. claudio cipullo

    I will never stop to prostrate to the Lama Heruka in simple monk appearance Lama Thubten Yeshe.
    The Lazy Claude.

  3. claudio cipullo

    I will never stop to prostrate to the Lama Heruka in simple monk appearance Lama Thubten Yeshe.He in an incredible skillful way introduced me to the Great Trichan Dorje Chan the Absolute Lama and the Immense Lineage of Paponka Dorje Chan.
    The Lazy Claude.

  4. Andy Wistreich

    Thank you. Just wanted to mention that I have a Guru who is in a female body. In case it seems the Guru must be male. But I agree with everything about the role of the Guru in our life.

  5. Rosalyn Williams

    A poets view

    My root guru is Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche. He abides in the universe and can manifest in many ways .

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